Off The Beaten Path In Dubai Itinerary!
Dubai Holidays Written by admin on 2008-09-29

Some Interesting Things To Add To Your Dubai Itinerary!

I know what I like and I like what I know, but sometimes when visiting a city or another country it’s nice to go places or take local trips to places you haven’t ever been before.
After all, who really enjoys the same old thing, day in and day out? I know I don’t! I like to find different restaurants, clubs, museums, shopping centers, markets and other things to participate in.
Well, if you are visiting Dubai for the first time or the 300th time there are some really cool things you might be missing out on if you decide to stick to the same old boring activities. On the other hand, you could do something different, something really fun that you might really enjoy and who knows maybe along the way you will even get to know some of the history behind the city your staying in!

Day Trip To The East Coast

Alright so this is a little farther than you might want to travel but, if you choose to do so, you will find a really beautiful surrounding! You simply cannot beat a day-trip to Dibba & Mussandam. It’s a 3 hour drive so it’s good to leave early. Dibba consists of sea side villages who are owned partly by the Sultanate of Oman (Dibba Bayah), Fujairah (Dibba Muhallab) & Sharjah (Hisn Dibba). Once you arrive, you will notice the clean air, peaceful surroundings & friendly people. Take a boat trip into the fjords & beaches with either a “Dhow” (traditional) or modern boat.

The Majlis Gallery

Established sometime in the mid-70s, The Majlis Gallery is Dubai’s first and foremost purveyor of indie creativity. The word ‘Majlis’ is Arabic for a hospitable meeting place, and the gallery is just that – a warm, cozy haven for people to stroll through on those still afternoons.

Desert Adventure

You can book a desert safari trip organized by travel agents, or if you fancy off road, plan a trip with your friends. If you are a first timer, it’s highly recommended to go with experienced person who knows how to drive in the desert. Or you can book desert driving course (usually one or two day course) to learn tips and tricks driving in the desert. Four wheel drive? Absolutely. Never go alone to the desert. It is always better to have several cars go in the trip, in case you get stuck.

Creekside Park

This is a great park you can take a day trip to for some good old relaxation! The park is well-kept, lots of benches and green grass and there are also places where you can barbecue. If you want some exercise it is possible to rent bikes inside the park and you can get bikes that are made for two or 4 people.


From innovative and ancient Persian recipes, the Iranian family business are quality orientated and use the best of ingredients such as butter from Australia! You will not believe their exotic range of mini- pastries, Turkish delights, and wonderful dried fruits. All so daintily small that you can almost try them all! All shapes from golden crescents, glazed diamonds, pistachio-dusted cocoa rounds, squares of meringue, jam-dotted discs, knobs of walnuts and vanilla. Hazelnut rubs with strawberry, almonds are heart-shaped with apricot; they’re feathered with powdered sugar, licked with chocolate, encrusted with coconut flakes.

Sultanate of Oman

This is another beautiful place to visit, then again I’m very partial to the ocean or any sort of water when it comes to vacationing! Oman is beautiful, quiet and unspoiled. Lots of untouched beaches and mountains. It is probably an outing you will never forget.

Of course there are many other places to visit but these were a few of my top destinations I really enjoyed a lot. As with any city in the world, there are some “unsafe” places you shouldn’t visit at night, so ask your concierge at your hotel or resort, and be sure to check out some destination guides online, I find that no matter how bizarre it may seem, these guides are more than happy to be honest about visiting here or there, so pay attention to these types of things!

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