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Dubai Holidays Written by admin on 2009-02-13

Dubai is considered to be the fastest developing city of UAE.
Also the location of this city is such that it amazes you whenever you are there.
So, it’s quite obvious that real estate will be some how costly in Dubai. And Dubai is also coming up with very nice opportunities with marking itself as the fastest growing city with about 1/3rd cranes being used of total cranes in world to build properties in Dubai. One more reason why the properties are more in demand in Dubai is that this city is considered as the safest city by Interpol. Over the last decade, this city has shown the growth rate of 54% and that is incredible.

Well we can say that Dubai is the place where East meets west, here the sun rises every day and with all the modern facilities with great infrastructure having western touch is available only in Dubai. Also Dubai is having beautiful beaches and also indoor ski domes, and there is also an underwater hotel. So, one thing you can be sure that there will never be a shortage of things to do in Dubai. Also there are some very big projects under construction and consideration like :

  • Building the biggest Airport of the world
  • The largest man maid port in the world
  • Largest mall in the world
  • The only 7 star hotel in the world
  • Biggest theme parks
  • And many others like these.

Today, Dubai is getting up in the list of people who wish to migrate from their home country, specially people from Europe, S.A and South East Asia are migrating to Dubai due to the sunny weather and good exchange rate and complete cosmopolitan culture that is what people are looking for nowadays. One more thing is that the domestic people of Dubai are very friendly and they are always open to anyone who wishes to stay between them.

Also one more reason why people are migrating to Dubai is that in rest of the countries, the crime rate is at peak whereas in Dubai it is the lowest, It is considered as the safest cities by Interpol.
So, people with family and single women are now more comfortable with Dubai and that is the reason why Dubai is overloaded with people coming to the country and that is why the prices of the property are rising in Dubai. Even if anyone is having some property in Dubai, the rental income is near to 30% p.a of the total cost of the property and due to this handsome amount of income, people are investing more and more to build properties in Dubai.

So, if you too are planning to shift to Dubai, there are fair chances to get a good accommodation in this beautiful but at costlier rate than your home country.

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