Dubai Sports Activities
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What are the Dubai Sports Activities To Participate In ?

When visiting a new city it’s nice to get out of your hotel surroundings and go find some of the interesting activities you can get involved in, who knows what you may find, an interesting market? Maybe a really nice park? How about a race track you can drive go karts on?
Hey you never know until you try! After all, who really enjoys the same old thing, day in and day out?
I know I don’t! I like to find different restaurants, clubs, museums, shopping centers, markets and other things to participate in. Well, if you are visiting Dubai for the first time or the 300th time there are some really cool things you might be missing out on if you decide to stick to the same old boring activities.
On the other hand, you could do something different, something really fun that you might really enjoy and who knows maybe along the way you will even get to know some of the history behind the city your staying in! Check out some of these places I found, I’m sure at least one or two will interest you!

The Dubai Autodrome

This is the regions first motor-sports facility of this kind, the complex includes an FIA Circuit, Race & Driving School, and a go kart track! The 1.2km CIK-approved circuit at the Kartdrome features 17 corners plus a small tunnel and bridge. It can be divided into two smaller circuits of 720 metres & 525 metres each.

Ski Dubai

You can ski, snowboard and toboggan here. Besides the standard level ski slope, there is a beginners slope (with lessons mandatory for first timers), play areas for the kids, an area for snowboarders, and even the world’s first indoor ‘black’ run for the serious skiers.

Dubai Sports City (DSC)

Here is finally one of Dubai’s newest crazy project-ideas that may actually serve a purpose and won’t just look good. Dubai Sports City (DSC) will be the world’s first integrated purpose-built sports city. On the sporting side, they are planning 4 stadiums: 1 for cricket, an outdoor multi-purpose site for rugby, football and track & field, an indoor multi-purpose stadium and a dedicated hockey centre. On the residential side, up to 1,200 family villas are to be built around an 18-hole championship golf course and plots of land will be sold to third party investors for the construction of medium rise buildings. It is a really wacky idea but on that same note it also seems really awesome!

Desert Adventure

You can book a desert safari trip organized by travel agents, or if you fancy off road, plan a trip with your friends. If you are a first timer, it’s highly recommended to go with experienced person who knows how to drive in the desert. Or you can book desert driving course (usually one or two day course) to learn tips and tricks driving in the desert. Four wheel drive? Absolutely. Never go alone to the desert. It is always better to have several cars go in the trip, in case you get stuck.

Jumeirah Open Beach

This is a really fantastic beach to visit, with sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters! This beach is also great if you are looking for a beach that isn’t overcrowded! Some people say this beach makes it feel like you are on a tropical island somewhere, until you notice the cities skyline up ahead! Still, the pictures for this beach are crazy beautiful! Go to Google and have a gander for yourself so you see what I mean!

Sailing & Windsurfing

Almost all the hotels and resorts in Dubai have sailing and windsurfing available, keels, dingy and board sails are available, conditions are darn near perfect with very minimal tides in the gulf and the winds are pretty predictable as well which means it’s good for beginners but also strong enough for the experts!

Dubai also offers other things for you “other” enthusiasts including golf courses, tennis clubs, fishing gear, rugby and a lot more. It’s a good idea to take a look at some guides available online. These destination guides aren’t just for generalized information they also include other things like best places to stay, landmarks, activities, restaurants, shopping destinations, currency information, and much more. You always want to take a look at these guides for obvious reasons but also so you can get a “feel” for the city your thinking about visiting. These guides really come in handy and no matter what city, state, or country your planning to visit or are curious about chances are there is a destination guide to go with it.

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